What are the benefits of an audit to the tenant?

Annual Lease Audits are an essential tool for companies to assure appropriate expense control. Facility costs often represent the second largest single expense category after payroll.

The benefits to tenants who audit their leases with RTG include
Our clients realize immediate and future financial savings by identifying errors and overcharges made by their landlords
The negotiation of refunds or credits, is managed by a bona fide team of lease audit experts who represent the tenant's interests, while protecting their relationship with their landlord
By outsourcing to experienced lease audit professionals, companies can reduce the burden on their real estate and accounting staffs
Companies can deter future overcharges by signaling to their landlord that the tenant is aware of the terms of their lease
RTG will complement our client's real estate team (brokers, attorneys, negotiators, etc.) by identifying potential improvements for language in future leases

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